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Chuck Frey
3 min readAug 29, 2022

The next generation of Building a Second Brain is here. And it’s more impactful than ever!

During the last several years, I have periodically talked to you about Tiago Forte’s excellent Building a Second Brain (BASB) program, which teaches entrepreneurs and creators how to manage digital information in some really powerful, flexible ways.

I have followed Tiago’s work since the beginning and have had the good fortune to interview him and get to know him well. His ideas have had a MAJOR impact on how I work.

BASB is a proven system that has steadily evolved based on insights gleaned by working with over 5,000 students from more than 100 countries as part of 14 cohorts.

Tiago is obsessed with continually improving his system and increasing its value to his community. He and his team have tested over 130 new features, pored over years of alumni feedback, and have comparing all of that data with measures of student success to refine Building a Second Brain into the ultimate personal productivity course.

In a world where it seems like every would-be productivity guru is selling courses that claim to teach you how to be more successful, Tiago Forte stands out as the genuine article.

His ideas and practical strategies are consistently among the best I’ve seen.

And he truly cares about providing his students with a transformative learning experience.

The next generation of BASB is here

One of the most common student requests Tiago and his team have heard is to participate in multiple cohorts. Students want to be continuously supported as they build, sustain and leverage their second brains.

That’s why they recently made the decision to transform BASB from a twice-a-year cohort-based training program into an ongoing community of practice — a Building a Second Brain membership program.

It has been restructured and streamlined so that it provides even greater value in a more accessible format.

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