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How can you increase the volume of opportunities in your life?

In other words, how can you enable potential investors or business partners, lucrative new clients, incredible job offers and unbelievable luck to FIND YOU more often.

One simple but powerful way to invite more luck into your life is to increase your “surface area” for opportunities.

I recently came across this fascinating concept in a podcast interview between Nathan Barry, host of The Art of Newsletters, and Packy McCormick, a successful investment newsletter author.

It intrigued me so much that I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I especially loved the whole “surface area” concept. …

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Cultivating a second brain can help you identify and capitalize on today’s fast-moving opportunities

No matter what your job role, the ability to gather, distill, organize and share information effectively is becoming a game-changer in today’s turbulent business environment. One of the best Sherpas to guide us through the fast-growing world of personal knowledge management is Tiago Forte.

This amazing thinker is the author of Building a Second Brain, a cohort-based course that teaches its students how save their best ideas, organize their learning and dramatically expand their creative output.

Earlier this year, I interviewed Tiago for a webinar about creativity and building a second brain. During our wide-ranging chat, we talked about the…

Learn how Herbert Lui’s elegantly simple concept can help you reduce stress and increase focus!

We’re all overwhelmed by information overload. It causes a kind of paralysis, impeding our ability to see things clearly, brainstorm effectively, plan intelligently and take action decisively. In short, it’s a complex challenge that isn’t easily solved.

Tools like personal knowledge managers and mind mapping are helpful, but they’re not complete solutions on their own. What’s needed is a higher-level way of thinking about personal productivity and effectiveness — like Herbert Lui’s elegant “personal infrastructure” concept.

What is personal infrastructure?

Personal infrastructure is anything that makes unpleasant tasks in…

Source: Model Thinkers

There’s no question that you need to elevate your thinking to be more successful in today’s world of accelerating, disruptive change. But where should you start?

One possibility is Model Thinkers — a collection of proven thinking models and “playlists” that you can use as a personal toolkit to solve large, complex challenges.

Its mission is to empower you to realize your amazing potential. It does so by codifying the rich experiences, lessons and wisdom of human history into simple, easy to apply mental models you can use to become smarter, faster.
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I recently interviewed co-founder Arun Pradhan for his take on the challenges we face in today’s work. We also explore how these proven thinking frameworks can help…

Write down 10 ideas a day (it’s more powerful than you may realize!)

In a recent article, Tim Denning explains how the habit of writing down 10 ideas every day helped best-selling author and investor James Altucher pull himself out of a deep depression and revolutionize his life.

Today, Altucher is the author of best-selling books that include Choose Yourself and Skip the Line. Plus, he is an advisor to some of the world’s best-known technology brands, including Airbnb, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Quora.

Altucher found that adopting this practice filled his mind with dopamine, the brain’s naturally-occurring pleasure chemical. …

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5 eye-opening perspectives on cultivating personal innovation skills with Stephen Shapiro

Success begins with the ability to see new opportunities and possibilities. To do so, we need to put on different “lenses” — to view our world from fresh perspectives. Here to help us with that is Stephen Shapiro, a business author, consultant and speaker on the topics of innovation and collaboration and author of Invisible Solutions: 25 Lenses that Reframe and Help Solve Difficult Business Problems.

Chuck Frey: From your perspective, what has changed post-COVID for people who are trying to accelerate their careers, build value and differentiate themselves?

Digital note-taking is a lever that can multiply your effectiveness in surprising ways. An ancient Greek genius helps us understand how.

“Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” — Archimedes

If you take Archimedes’ words literally, he’s speaking about the power of a fulcrum to multiply the results of physical effort.

But if you look at them figuratively, they’re incredibly rich in meaning.

At the surface level, for example, Archimedes’ quote speaks to the potential power of tools, properly applied. Simply put, you can accomplish much more with tools than you can through brute force efforts.

You wouldn’t dream of pounding a nail with your bare hand. But with a hammer…

How can you save your best ideas, organize your learnings and convert them into creative output — faster?

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Have you ever had to brainstorm ideas and conduct research for a new project from scratch? Then you know it can be painfully laborious and time consuming.

It’s a long, slow slog, trying to find the right sources — and then deciding what to capture, how and where to save it, and how to make sense of it all. Before you know it, you’ve accumulated too much “stuff” — and too few insights.

Can you picture what that feels like?

I think we’ve all been there.

Too many times.

A better way

Now imagine if you had an efficient, streamlined personal knowledge base…

The ability to manage and shape your ideas and reliably turn them into concrete results is critical to your success today. Digital note-taking tools are one of the best ways to accomplish this creative alchemy.

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There’s no question that ideas represent one of the most powerful forces in the world today. In our knowledge-based economy, they’re a rapidly growing source of value.

But most of us struggle with information overload. We’re so overwhelmed by the information, knowledge and ideas we need to do our work and manage our lives that it inhibits our progress.

We feel stuck, confused, frustrated.

Understanding what’s possible

We have access to a cornucopia of powerful tools that COULD potentially help us — if only we knew HOW to leverage them to wrangle the maelstrom of information coming at us. With the right system…

Now that we’ve all lived through a year of unprecedented and discontinuous change, a system of thinking like Building a Second Brain is more important than ever.

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We live in a world today where the majority of the creative projects we pursue require information, knowledge and ideas to move them forward.

Our ability to capture, organize, distill and leverage these assets has become a key skill to accelerate our careers, amplify our creative output and build our influence in the world.

If your work involves any type of information, you’re already gathering, capturing it and using it. You’re saving it in documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other formats — but in scattered silos.

What if you had an integrated system where you could capture and nurture your ideas…

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