40 one-sentence hacks to 10x your creativity

Chuck Frey
6 min readOct 11, 2022
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Use these shortcuts to jump-start your muse now!

Want to radically expand your creativity but don’t know where to start? This skimmable list of 40 tips can help you supercharge your muse in no time!

No useless platitudes or truisms here — just industrial-strength ideation strategies that work. Let’s go!

Cultivate a creative mindset

Creativity is NOT a rare capability that only a small number of people are born with — it’s a muscle, a skill that anyone can cultivate and develop through consistent study and practice.

Think of creativity as your opportunity radar — it helps to illuminate opportunities that were there, but you just couldn’t see them without the right mental lens.

Cultivating your creative problem solving skills is an awesome way to multiply your value in your work (it’s one of the most sought-after skills by C-level executives today).

Maintain an openness toward ideas — they can occur, any time or anywhere.

With a little bit of practice, you can become much more mindful and attuned to the stimuli you encounter each day — the seeds of creative ideas.

Clearly define your challenge — before you brainstorm

When faced with a creative challenge, don’t jump immediately into brainstorming as most people do — or you may find that you’re just picking at symptoms (invest time in problem definition instead!)

One of the keys to create a problem-solving is looking at your challenge from multiple perspectives or frames — define them first and then brainstorm potential solutions and “dots” you can connect.

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Dissect your challenge into its elements to see if any of them contain the seeds of a great idea.

Question your assumptions, because they may be acting like blinders on your thinking (without you even being aware of them!).



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